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Air Conditioning Repair Services In Redmond

Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance In Redmond Washington

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Vehicle A/C repair could consist of a simple fix, or a full blown replacement of parts. KD Automotive provides everything from yearly inspections to general maintenance and replacement of system components. Bring your vehicle by the KD Automotive repair shop in Redmond for a full inspection by one of our certified mechanics. Routine inspections of your vehicles A/C system can help ensure cooling efficacy and identify potential refrigerant leaks.

Added Services Your Vehicle May Need Include:

• System fan level verification
• System PSI pressure reading for freon level verification
• Output temperature verification
• Blower fan and compressor verification to ensure proper operation
• Belts and hoses inspection to identify potential issues from aging parts
• Diagnosis of possible problems with faulty switches, fuses, wiring, the condenser, or internal compressor seal failure

Automotive AC Recharge Services:

While an automobile’s air conditioning system is sealed, leaks can still happen. When that happens you want to recharge your coolant. This consists of:

AC Repair Redmond• Recharging with added refrigerant to bring up pressure to specifications
• Introduction of fluorescent dye to show system leakage
• KD Automotive automobile A/C recharge services include everything from review to fix.

Consequently, if your own A/C has developed issues and you’d rather be cool than cooked, then allow the highly trained and knowledgeable mechanisms at KD Automotive take a peek.