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Brake Repair Services In Redmond

Brake Repair In Redmond WA

brake repair specialist in RedmondKD Automotive offers quality brake repair services in Redmond WA. We service almost any make or model of car and truck. Do not be tricked by so-called “Brake Specialists” that claim to repair your brakes for cheap. To begin with, you get exactly what you pay for. Secondly, you never walk out of there with just your brake pads replaced, there is always an up-sell. At KD Automotive we take pride in treating our customers right. This means that when you come in for a brake repair, we only repair what’s needed. After all, if you live in Redmond then we are neighbors and we take pride in the community we live and work in.

Brakes creating a high pitch squealing sound?

That high pitched sound might be on account of the pole that’s inserted into your brakes pads. That typically means that the brake pads are wearing down. Should you continue to ignore these warning signals your brakes will gradually wear out and begin grinding metal. You might wind up damaging your rotors and needing to replace them, which can be quite pricey.

European automobiles (Mercedes / BMW) are a bit different. They frequently require the brake pads, rotors or disks be replaced every time a brake repair is done. We provide brake repairs for all automobiles, both overseas imports and US made vehicles.

KD Automotive will not sell you anything your brake system does not absolutely need. We make every attempt to be certain every customer is taken care of and their needs met. We provide the most honest and complete auto repair shop in Redmond, WA. We also offer oil changing services in Redmond,transmission repair, tune ups, and more. Contact us at our auto repair shop in Redmond.

changing break pads

Brake Fluids / Brake System Flush

The biggest enemy of brake fluid is moisture, and moisture may rust the inner areas of the brake system in which the brake fluid flows. This wasn’t as much of a problem 20 decades ago, but with the debut of the ABS brake systems of now, rust and other debris which collects in the fluid could cause internal damage and can be quite pricey. Also brake fluid breaks down with time in the warmth that’s made from the brake system. We recommend flushing the brake fluid system approximately every 30,000 miles.