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One of the reassuring qualities of contemporary cars is that they need much less-frequent service to keep them running well. Changing the spark plugs, points, and condenser used to be an annual routine. Body rust was accepted as a normal & unfortunate hazard of aging, especially in Washington State where the rainfall is above average. Redmond seems it’s fair share of rain throughout the year and older cars left out doors in the past have seen rust damage as a result of the rain. Now many spark plugs can go 100,000 miles between changes. Electronic ignition has done away with the points and condenser. Chassis, suspensions, and even some transmissions are designed for the life of the car. What’s more, reliability has improved significantly. The result is that most late-model cars and trucks should be able to go 200k miles with regular upkeep. Finding a reliable, honest, Redmond mechanic should be a priority if you are lookin got extend the engine life of your vehicle beyond the 200k mile mark. Having an auto repair shop that you can trust and that knows your vehicle inside and out is important. At KD-Autoomotive we take pride in the relationships we create with our customers, and pride in the care we give to the vehicles. Many of our employees live here in Redmond and take pride in caring for the vehicles of their neighbors. If you live in Redmond or in a neighboring city like Kirkland or Woodinville, then make the trip out to KD-Automotive and experience an automotive repair shop like no other on the East side.