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Shocks And Strut Replacement In Redmond

Shock And Strut Replacement In Redmond WA

shock and strut repair RedmondShocks and Struts are two important elements that help maintain consistent handling and braking of your car or truck. This keeps your tires connected to the street, giving your car a well balanced smooth ride. At KD Automotive we encourage annual shock and strut evaluations to keep those vital car handling characteristics performing at an optimal level. Damaged shocks and struts may cause your vehicle to sway or perform erratically along curvy or bumpy roads. KD Automotive can repair or replace worn out shocks and struts, and get your car back to performing like it’s supposed to. Our auto repair shop in Redmond has the mechanics and the technology to inspect and repair your vehicle, feel free to call or stop by today.

Signs Your Shocks And Struts May Be Going Out

• Excessive bouncing when driving
• Nose of the Automobile dipping down, even more noticeable if coming to a complete stop
• Vehicle swaying and leaning when turning corners or changing lanes
• Poor steering reaction or noisy steering
• Automobile feels shaky at high speeds

How Often Should You Replace Your Shocks And Struts

high performance shocks

The period between shock and strut maintenance will be different based upon your vehicle’s make, model, and driving requirements. At KD Automotive we advise that you reference your car’s owner manual for manufacturer-specific recommendations. Alternately, you could always contact a KD Automotive specialist for care recommendations, and we’ll be delighted to assist. Stop by our Redmond repair shop to book a vehicle inspection.