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Tire Sales And Repair In Redmond Washington

Tires & Tire Repair In Redmond WA

Wondering whether it is time to get new tires? One way to tell would be to take a penny and insert it between the tread head first. If you can see Lincoln’s head, it is time for new tires.

But the tread alone isn’t the only issue to factor. If your tires are more worn around the inside compared to outside or vice versa, you could also have wheel alignment problems that will not be solved with new tires.

Our team of Redmond Mechanics and certified technicians at KD Automotive know what it takes to truly inspect tire tread and identify any potential issues with a tire. Our technicians take pride in their work, and our care process will give you peace of mind knowing you are taking care of by the best automotive technicians in Redmond.

When you stop by our auto repair shop in Redmond, our certified technicians will inspect, rotate, and balance your tires to ensure that the tires wear evenly. When it’s time to replace them, we’ll find the right size and type of tire you will need for your automobile and a tire that suits your driving style. Ultimately, we’ll ensure that your new tires are correctly installed and balanced for you.

Need a wheel alignment?

We are going to look after this, too. So, swing by and inquire about tire sales and tire repair solutions. We believe you’ll find we are a great fit.

Along with being one of the top automotive repair shops in Redmond, KD-Automotive provides specialist tire sales and tire repair support. Let us help you keep the tires you have for as long as we can, then when it is time, we will gladly provide you with new tire options that match both your driving style and your budget.

Properly aligned, inflated, and rotated tires will help keep your family safer and can save you money on gasoline.

Listed below are a couple of tips to keep you and your tires rolling trouble-free.

• Have your tires rotated regularly:

Your vehicle’s manufacturer has specific recommendations for tire spinning. Keeping to this program will help prolong tire life. Our specialist will offer you this advice and keep you on course.

• Keep your tires properly inflated:

Your tires normally lose 1 psi (pound per square inch) monthly. This adds up very fast. And keep in mind, the temperature may have a significant effect. A fall of 10°F may also bring about a 1 psi reduction in pressure. Low tire pressure, then, may result in decreased gas mileage and excess heat build-up resulting in tire damage.

• Assess for signs of excessive or irregular tire wear:

Uneven wear on the interior or outside of the tire might be a sign that other problems are lurking, so ensure that your tires have been professionally inspected.